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  • #PandemicEDU Learn Like Your Career Depends on It

    #PandemicEDU Learn Like Your Career Depends on It

    Growing up, I would visit my grandparents on their farm in western Tennessee. Adjacent to the farmhouse was a “ditch”, a large, fairly deep pit that ran about 3/4 of a mile back onto the farmland and at its widest, was about a quarter mile wide. With all the vegetation in there, it was a…

  • #PandemicEdu: Building Relationships

    #PandemicEdu: Building Relationships

    After almost 3 years of varied forms of self preservation/protection, and concern for the general health of each other, we just might be coming out of the darkness where this pandemic is concerned. Yes, something new is hovering on the horizon (monkey pox) but at least, momentarily, folks in education are at least pretending there’s…

  • #PandemicEdu: New is Good, Right?

    #PandemicEdu: New is Good, Right?

    In 2019, I set the goal of leaving the classroom and working more as a coach/consultant. It’s been a dream I’ve had since getting my Masters in 2016. I’ve been gaining knowledge, experience and building my network since then. The pandemic got in the way of leaving when I was ready, but I didn’t allow…