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  • #PandemicEdu: The Argument Against Using ChatGpt

    #PandemicEdu: The Argument Against Using ChatGpt

    Last month, I wrote my blog post using ChatGPT. I was amazed at the fluidity of the application and began imagining the many ways I could use it. In the meantime, I’ve read several other blog posts, articles, Twitter posts, etc. speaking for and against using this tool in the K-20 classroom and I thought…

  • #PandemicEDU:  ChatGPT+Student Interest = Reading and Writing, OH MY!

    #PandemicEDU: ChatGPT+Student Interest = Reading and Writing, OH MY!

    Reading is the hot topic in education right now. The pandemic created a vacuum for young students that we are currently trying to fill. The Science of Reading movement gives us a template for helping students in K – 5 back on track. A lot of districts are also working on improving writing skills. It’s…