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  • #PandemicEdu: AI from a different POV

    #PandemicEdu: AI from a different POV

  • #PandemicEdu: The Argument Against Using ChatGpt

    #PandemicEdu: The Argument Against Using ChatGpt

    Last month, I wrote my blog post using ChatGPT. I was amazed at the fluidity of the application and began imagining the many ways I could use it. In the meantime, I’ve read several other blog posts, articles, Twitter posts, etc. speaking for and against using this tool in the K-20 classroom and I thought…

  • Its #ISTE Season again! Let’s Get Ready to Go!

    Its #ISTE Season again! Let’s Get Ready to Go!

    I used to be a really big fan of virtual PD. Until the pandemic, when all I ever experienced was virtual PD. Not to say that sitting in my office or my bed or on my couch being talked at wasn’t useful, it just grew old extremely quickly. The pandemic taught me something about professional…

  • #PandemicEDU  Reinvention: Who Are You Now?

    #PandemicEDU Reinvention: Who Are You Now?

    Looking back on the 2 years we’ve spent in various states of “abnormality” and having conversations with different people and groups, I come away with a question: Who are you now? I know I’m not the same person I was in March 2020. Then, I just wanted to adjust the location of my teaching so…

  • A Thousand Reasons Why

    A Thousand Reasons Why

    So the big topic on Twitter this weekend is why are teachers thinking about leaving the profession? With the corollary, why has everyone ignored our complaints and suggestions for change for the last 3 years? The topic is hot and heavy. The topic is frustratingly real. The topic is getting on my nerves. I believe…