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  • #PandemicEDU: The Things We Don’t Know We Don’t Know

    #PandemicEDU: The Things We Don’t Know We Don’t Know

    Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better. ~Maya Angelou Let me start this post by saying it will be the last #PandemicEDU post. Apparently, the worst is over (though I still keep a mask and sanitizer nearby at all times because the math is still mathing.) so…

  • Tech App Review: Neal.Fun

    Tech App Review: Neal.Fun

    While wandering around on the wasteland that Twitter has become, I noticed the following post: So, because I try to find an hour to waste daily that doesn’t include snarfing down a meal, I clicked on the link. I’m so glad I did. Games and tools to help a human think critically, focus, complete spatial…

  • #PandemicEdu: AI from a different POV

    #PandemicEdu: AI from a different POV

  • #PandemicEDU: How The Pandemic Changed My Professional Priorities

    #PandemicEDU: How The Pandemic Changed My Professional Priorities

    Since March 2020, my professional life, as well as the lives of millions of teachers around the world changed drastically. Up until that point, I talked about student centered learning and providing ways for teachers and students to work more efficiently using technology, and creating videos for students to watch instead of listening to me…

  • #PandemicEdu: The Argument Against Using ChatGpt

    #PandemicEdu: The Argument Against Using ChatGpt

    Last month, I wrote my blog post using ChatGPT. I was amazed at the fluidity of the application and began imagining the many ways I could use it. In the meantime, I’ve read several other blog posts, articles, Twitter posts, etc. speaking for and against using this tool in the K-20 classroom and I thought…