#PandemicEDU: Answer this Question Please.

I’m gonna be real honest with you right now. I’m a heartless twit. I process pain and sorrow very differently than most people which causes me to come across as pretty much subhuman.

I’m completely ok with this.

The month of May has been a whirlwind of emotional ups and downs for me: seriously considering marching into my admin’s office and explaining a few important things about management skills to her; interviewing for one job.. then deciding to interview for the job above that one… being offered both jobs and literally flipping a coin to choose which one to take; watching an 18 year old being calmly walked to a squad car after he killed 10 people; calming students during the 3rd bomb threat in 2 months (caught the little snot finally); and yesterday, children dead.

I’m subhuman. I have to be. I’m ok with this.

But I do have a question:

Just so you know, I’m numb, but functioning. As a Black woman in America, hearing about dead Black and Brown people just becomes part of the daily experience. Just like with every other insanely stupid thing, we’ve got only so much control over it, so we sit and watch the white people either give “thoughts and prayers” or “yanno we need to give people more guns.”

Dear White People,

You claim this is YOUR country. You say there are problems that need to be fixed, yet you sit and wait for someone else to fix them. Don’t look this way, we’re just pawns on the board. As you may have noticed, our efforts, though great, are minimized or ignored.

Fix it people. Before you self destruct. We’re watching.





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