#PandemicEDU: We are not babysitters.

Interesting discussion on Twitter about “parent-hostile” school districts and why the Wednesday before Thanksgiving isn’t a school day. A father started the discussion and seems confused about why there’s no afterschool the Tuesday before the holiday or why he isn’t give proper notice about such things.

Someone asked him if he had a school calendar. He never answered.

His post wreaked of self indulgence and “how dare you mess up my routine”. Teachers went in hard on him and anyone else who chose to suppose his completely confused argument that its the school districts responsibility to provide for care on days off. It was so funny yet so amazingly sad. This man doesn’t like his kid enough to arrange for his care on days off so teachers can get a little rest.

The argument turned to who should be responsible for day care (if not the teachers). I believe there is something in the infrastructure law about this. So the government recognizes that child care is an issue because yes, some parents can’t afford to take a day off, or can’t afford child care for a couple of days. Its an important topic. A topic that should shift to the government level and not the education level.

I’m not a babysitter. I know some parents think I am. Afterall, it doesn’t matter if the kid is learning or even behaving, as long as mom know where they are and someone is supervising them. I have had parents literally tell me on the phone, I don’t know why you’re calling me, he’s your problem during the school day. Babysitting.

I get it, you have a full plate. Guess what, so do teachers. I take my responsibilities seriously and so should parents. Your children are ultimately your responsibility. Stop treating them like some ancillary annoyance in your life that leaves the house at 7:30 and returns at 3:30. Raise your children. All I’m going to do is teach them.

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